The Worship Directorate is headed by Rev Chinedu Nkere. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:

Evangel Voices
The Evangel Voices is the ministry in charge of music in all services in the Headquarters church. Our usual meeting days are Sundays, Saturdays and some Fridays (all night as announced). In addition to the general membership criteria, intending members must be committed and have a flair for Gospel music.

Maranatha Power Play House
This is the drama group of TREM headquarters. Our mission is to preach the word through drama.

The Enumerators are charged with the responsibility of giving the accurate attendance figures of the congregation in the course of service, differentiating between Men, Women and Children.

Greeting Ministry
The Greeting Ministry is an arm of the Ministry that is designed to win and retain souls through our smiles and words of encouragement to people coming in for the first time, as well as old members. We are the Ambassadors of the church, the first contact in the church. Our main aims are soul-winning, lifting up people’s spirit with words of encouragement, and quality fellowship (with new comers after service).

Power Media
The Power Media is sub divided into two- the Video Unit and the Audio Unit.

The Video Unit is charged with the responsibility of recording (video coverage) all services in the Headquarters church, and keeps data of all events and programs in the church. We record and edit the Presiding Bishop’s messages within and outside the church premises, and also cover the International Women Prayer Conference nationally. We are charged with the responsibility of editing and preparing the messages for broadcast via “Power in The Word Network”, and also produce the different promos for programs and services in the church.

The Audio Unit is charged with the responsibility of recording all audio messages within and outside the church. They ensure that the sound in the church is perfect and they make available public address systems for all Groups and Ministry arms programs in the church.

Ushering Ministry
The ushering ministry is an important arm of the church entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining order during services, activities or programmes in the church.