What is Death? by Olufunke Fasanya

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funke_fasanyaWhat is death? What happens when someone dies? Does he/she just go into oblivion or does another life continue after shutting your eyes and not waking up on this side of eternity? What if you knew for sure you had only 48 hours left to live, what would you spend them doing? What would you do differently?

I have read stories of people with near-death experiences and it would seem that at the point when the end seems apparent they see a play-back of their entire life in a matter of seconds. Besides, I have experienced it myself. I did not remember if I had a house, car or money in the bank; all I remembered were my relationships with people and what would happen to me in that subconscious but real state.

I was alone and the only connection I could make was with Jesus. He was more real than the hospital bed I was on and when I came back to consciousness I realised that whenever I do shut my eyes for good and never to open them on this planet, I am sure that I will not be alone when I do open them on the other side.

Now don’t tell me He doesn’t exist or matter. Wait until it happens to you or better still, why wait until it happens? Why not get connected now that you are still conscious so that if you do shut your eyes and never open them again on this earth, you can find a true friend who never leaves when you wake up on the other side.

Minister Olufunke Fasanya writes from the United Kingdom.

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