I testify …

God has been so Faithful

As a child I could have been long forgotten because I suffered from a terrible case of measles when I was just 7 months. It took the grace and mercy of God for me to survive. The pain will not allow me to narrate what my mum told me, concerning my childhood.

We got Twins!

In my family, no one has given birth to a baby boy. But I earnestly trusted God and we prayed for a baby boy in our G12 centre. God honoured our prayers and instead of one, we got TWINS, 2 boys!

Growing in the Faith

I joined TREM, September 2011. I first heard the word of God on television when I decided to visit my parents in their residence. I didn’t give my life to Christ that day because I doubted the man of God; I felt he was faking things.

Spiritual Development

I am so delighted and grateful to God because I was invited to a G12 fellowship by Bro. Theophilus Nkwuda to have fellowship of praise and worship with God.

Delivered from the Enemy

Problems started after barely three years in our house. My wife fell ill and I quit my job to be able to stay close to my family. For three years, she was going from one hospital to another even to Benin Republic.