Born that Way …

You were born guilty, with a death sentence hanging over your head. It wasn’t a matter of what you did or did not do, you were simply born that way. For this reason, you were separated from your Heavenly Father at birth; it wasn’t a choice you made, it was a status you automatically acquired simply by being born.

I testify …

Discharged, Acquitted, No Appeal!

Suddenly on the 26th of January, year of Overcomers 2013, I discovered that my salary was not paid alongside other staff. Upon inquiry, I found out from the HR department of my company that my bosses had placed me on suspension without informing me.

God Timed It Perfectly

They had ALL long finished service and had gotten jobs. In fact, they were all coming from work. I felt a bit intimidated by this but I shook it off and reminded myself whose daughter I was.

Another Chance to Live Again

Halleluyah!!! February 10th, exactly one year ago, the devil had wanted to take my life but the God of all grace had mercy on me. It all started when I was still in the office, I fainted, and was carried home to our family doctor.

God Gave Me a Job

October Fast 2012 came and I decided to be a part of it; to fast, pray and believe God for the impossible and His prophet (Big Daddy) when he said we would “Recover All”. Exactly a week after the end of the October Fast, I got a call from a company I did not apply to, to come for an interview.

Delivered Us from Evil

He took us from a very humble beginning to where we are now. The results of each year’s theme are clearly visible in our lives, particularly in 2012 (tagged the year of Greater Glory) as eight out of twelve prayer requests were fully granted.