Weapons of War Part 1 by Chaka

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satelliteThe launch of the military grade geosynchronous satellite ‘NADA-1’ went unobserved by many as was the norm with most military operations of this nature. The satellite stabilised at 35,786 kilometres above the earth and settled into its orbit. Unlike all the other artificial satellites in orbit around the earth numbering over three thousand, NADA-1 was not detected by the United Nations Space Surveillance Protocol (UNSSP) whose job it had been since 1940 to track all objects orbiting the earth.

NADA-1 had been conceived and designed by Talisman Ali, who at 37 was the only individual in history to have a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, representing himself. A professor of Advanced Nanotechnology and Quantum Physics, it was rumoured that Tali as he was popularly known had surrounded himself with an invisible cloud of advanced nanotechnology ‘attack and defence’ devices which operated at the molecular level, and as such they could not be seen.

It was well known that if any weapon was fired at Tali, his defence systems would immediately cause the bullets to disintegrate into millions of nano-sized shards and be repelled back to the one who fired the weapon, causing extreme trauma and death in an instant; this was known as the ‘cloud counter-attack’. He had proved it conclusively in battle situations many times starting with his tour of duty as one of the ground troops deployed into the heart of Syria during the civil war.

It was also rumoured that Tali had secretly developed commercial models of his Nano Attack and Defence Apparatus, and was said to be in high-level covert discussions with governments of various countries. The United Nations had therefore stepped in and invited him onto the Security Council as a permanent member in his personal capacity, hoping to appeal to his more humane instincts in the interest of global peace.

From the comfort of his personal laboratory 300 meters underneath the sands of the Negev Desert, Tali monitored the trajectory of NADA-1 as it commenced its Alpha Circuit. Within minutes, it had executed a Mobius algorithm and plotted the dynamic coordinates of all military and communications satellites in orbit and locked them onto its grid. It was amazing how technology had made things so easy Tali mused to himself.

It was time to call Abu. ‘Abu’ he said softly, switching to Abu’s Unique Global Frequency. His upper palate recognised the vibration of Abu’s frequency and sent the signal through his right molar. From inside his activated contact lens, Abu saw Tali’s name flash gently. He quietly excused himself from the dinner table with his wife and two children and stepped into his study and closed the door. A closed door meant no disturbance of any kind, and his family knew it.  He looked at Tali’s name inside his contact lens for three seconds and his upper palate immediately switched to Tali’s Unique Global Frequency.

‘Tali’ he said.

‘It’s done’ came the response.

To be continued…

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