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It is no longer a myth that we exist in a global economy where knowledge trumps resources and where physical effort is constantly being exchanged for mental effort. We live in a world, where poverty is not a lack or presence of cash, but of clarity, skills and passion.

Sharing money equally among the citizens of a country is no cure for poverty. Every entrepreneur has once been flat out broke, so not having money doesn’t mean anything.

Wealth is not a function of what you have, it’s a function of who you are becoming by how you think and what you know. What you have can be lost, but what you know can’t be taken from you without you losing yourself. Oil is valuable, only because man created the combustion engine, sand is valuable because it’s the resource for silicon chips. It is mental effort that creates physical value.

In the next few days, I’ll be sharing the key disciplines of the wealthy. By practicing them, you give yourself a good chance of being wealthy. They are really simple, but the poor in mind won’t practice them.

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