The Timeless Bun!

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donut_bunI love the bun hairstyle and I think it makes one elegant and enhances the face. It could either be loose or braided but either ways it’s easy and always ready for the move! To achieve maximum results for Nigerians that have short hair, the bun packer is used.

How to use the hair bun packer

  • Pack the hair into a ponytail.
  • Insert the hair bun into the packed hair
  • Separate the hair and ensure you can see the middle.
  • Begin to roll the hair in a clockwise manner
  • Finish by holding the hair with a rubber band.

Here are a few pictures of celebrities wearing the style

ballerina_bun4   ballerina_bun2ballerina_bun3







Temitope Senbanjo writes from Lagos, Nigeria


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