The Shame Breaker is Here

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Rev. Chido opened his message which he titled “The Shame Breaker is Here” with Psalms 34:5, Galatians 4:1-2 .He reminded us that it is impossible to rely on God and end up in shame, pain or failure because God is not associated with any of those things. He also assured us that whatever the devil has taken from us, He is obligated to return because they don’t belong to him but to us. He declared the return of our belongings stolen by the devil and the manifestation of our testimonies. He created us to be like him therefore nothing less than that is expected of us. He emphasized that God is not bothered about your condition but your position so lets us rise , gear up to take our position. He said whatever we keep looking for is what we shall find. He closed saying that God is Rest because He rested on the seventh day. God therefore can give His rest because He is rest.


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