Swagga, Moolah or Titles will not build any nation, by Jesse Adeniji

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Remember the greatest Empire the world ever saw, the Romans, they didn’t have as much wealth as the modern state of Nigeria. They didn’t have such extensive wealth of records and blue-prints to copy from, as much as us. They didn’t have Wikipedia, GPS Systems, Ivy League Colleges, Gulfstream Jets, PHD holders or even as many Clergy men.

Yet they conquered much of the known world and left INDELIBLE signs in architecture, design and engineering that still stand till today. In fact, we pay good sums of money to preserve and to see them – from Rome, to Africa, to England, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, and Greece.

After all is said and done, no one will remember the vain acquisitions – the Romans did so much more. No one will remember the debauchery. The Romans have the finest Epicureans and Hedonists, no one will remember your greed. The Romans looted the best of artifacts and gold. All of that are just basic anecdotes to WHAT they achieved today. ‘Swagga’, ‘Moolah’ or ‘Titles’ will not build any nation. Ask the Yorubas about Bashorun Gaa.

What will endure is WHAT we build. Systems, Engineering, Technology, Economies……. Stealing will only be remembered with absolute contempt and derision.


Jesse Adeniji, a marketing communications expert writes from the United Kingdom

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