Weapons of War Part 1 by Chaka

The launch of the military grade geosynchronous satellite ‘NADA-1’ went unobserved by many as was the norm with most military operations of this nature. The satellite stabilised at 35,786 kilometres above the earth and settled into its orbit. Unlike all the other artificial satellites in orbit around the earth numbering over three thousand, NADA-1 was…

You May Kiss The Bride, by Thomas Odia

“I, Sarah Adams, take you Lawson Lawrence as my lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.” She smiled at him through her veil.

Under the Mat by Pam Ford Davis

“Son, let yourself in; I’ll put an extra key on the top step, under the mat.” Day or night, I could get inside without bothering my folks. Dad first made the key available when I lived in the college dorm.

All My Eggs written by Lechi Eke

Loud voices drowned the little hope I had. They were voices of loved ones I had called in a brief moment of panic. Here, they were; everyone had an opinion, an idea of what I should do.