Resting in the Resurrection Power

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Good morning and welcome again to another amazing session of the Kingdom Life World Conference. Pastor Felicia Dele Salau handled opening prayers as she encouraged the men and the women to pray for today’s International Women’s Prayer Conference which is special because every KLWC the men are allowed to join the women at the IWPC. The official IWPC choir ,The Precious Singers took the stage and led the congregation in praise and worship as they joyfully danced unto the Lord in celebration for the healing the expected from God. After that powerful session of Praise and worship,Pastor Binta Max Gbinigie came to welcome our parents in the Lord as she was our moderator for the session before she introduced the Precious Singers again for their song ministration. The power media then displayed a recap of the achievements of IWPC and it’s tour round the country and the congregation cheered and thanked God as they watched many people share their testimonies before Bishop Peace Okonkwo climbed the pulpit for the word.

She titled her message,”Resting in the Resurrection Power” . She said that in the new testament after Jesus died and Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene went to anoint the body of Jesus. They saw that the stone had been rolled away and that God will roll away the stones the devil has put on our lives. She said we should rest because there is nothing God cannot do in our lives. She said we should have faith and be prepared for the miracles God is about to do something in our lives. She also prayed for those who have health challenges. After proclaiming healing on them, Rev Jane Onaolapo came for the offering. After the offering was over, Rev Bola Odiaka came for the Rehoboth Offering and encouraged the people to join hands with Big Mummy to make her dreams come through and help change the lives of stranded ladies who came to the Rehoboth home for solace.  After the Rehoboth Offering, Big Mummy allowed five people come out to come out and share their testimonies. Pastor Lizzy Item welcomed the first timers and Rev Bola Oke took the benediction.

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