Praise and Worship

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Praise and Worship is dynamic and can be in various forms or ways. Children may often find worship boring when we become religious and give them the impression that it can only be in one particular way. Let’s teach our children to be at liberty to express themselves in the presence of their father, God whether in corporate worship or private, God alone is the audience. They can:

  • Lift up their hand (YADAH-Psalms 134:2),
  • Offer sacrifice – give to the Lord (TOWDAH – Psalms 50:23),
  • Shout to the Lord / testify (SHABACH – Psalms 98:4),
  • Kneel or bow (BARAUCH – Psalm 95:6),
  • Clap or play musical instrument (ZAMAR – Psalms 150:3-5),
  • Rave and boast about their God (HALAL-Psalms 35:18)
  • and they can combine all in continuous praise, worship and honour to their father, God (TEHILLAH-Psalms 34:1)



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