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God made the heaven of heaven for Himself. The heaven of heavens was made by God for Himself and the earth has he given to the children of men Ps 115:16. In other words, He say I’m in charge in heaven but I’m going to make earth, then I will give it to the children of men. Whenever God wants to do something here on earth, because of the way He has set things, He has made this earth a material world, He would always send a man, that is how He functions.

Gen1:26; after when God has put everything in place on earth, He said, let us make man in our own image and our likeness that they may have dominion and so God made them male and female and then gave them dominion, Gen1:28. He blessed them and said to them to be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth, replenish the earth and have dominion and then since man was made in the image of God, that means man is a spirit. God is a spirit and those that will worship Him will worship Him in spirit and in truth Jn4:24.

So man was made a spirit but Gen2 now tell us how man was packaged since he’s going to function in the material world. God took the dust of the earth and moulded the form of man, his physic, physiology moulded it in the shape of man and breath on him and scripture says man became a living soul. God made heaven for spiritual things and the earth for material things and so for man to function on earth, God gave man material body otherwise man cannot function effectively on earth and so God made a suit for man, an earthly suit that will be suitable for man to function on earth and that is why He gave man a body.

Your body is your suit, that is why when the spirit departs, the body drops. Man is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives inside a body. With your body, you can contact this earth. With your soul, you have self awareness and with your spirit, you have God’s consciousness. No one has right to function on this earth without a body. No one has right to function on this earth without passing through a woman’s womb. Even angels cannot function on earth, angels are our messengers, they listen to your voice of command, you command the angels and they deliver.

That was why Jesus has to come through Mary for Him to function on earth. Without any fear of contradiction, the devil does not have right because he does not have a mother but Jesus Christ the King of Kings has a mother because He came legitimately and that is why I can tell the devil in this place to pack his bag and get out! That is why the devil is always looking for body to operate through, he’s always fighting to come through somebody to operate. So it is possible for the devil to speak through human being even through a christian! So if God wants to do anything on earth, He send a man.

John the baptist was sent by God to come prepare a way for Jesus to function and when Jesus came to be baptized, John was like reluctant and Jesus was like without this I can’t function and immediately Jesus was baptized, heaven was opened and a dove descended on Him and God said this is my Beloved son in whom I’m well pleased and as many that has received Him, they became.
God always send a man whenever He wants to perform on earth and that was why He sent Jesus and as many that has received Him to them He gave power to Become. He was born of Mary, He had sisters and brothers but much more He is sent of God and when God send, there is Power.

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