Who am I? by Oyinkan

Categories: Poetry


Who am I is the question I ask myself
As I walk down the streets of the world.
The answer is unknown to me
As my personality changes day to day.

All appearances deceive, they tell me
Yet mine seems not to
Perhaps it’s because mine
changes with each person I meet.

You say I am trustworthy
So why do I not trust myself?
You claim that I know the path to life
So why do I feel as lost as Dorothy?

Who am I? Who am I?
The mirror questions me
And I cannot answer it because
I am nothing beyond the eye.

In bed,
I twist and turn
My sheets in a jumble
The monsters in my head rumble.

The nightmares possess me
The demons
Whisper all around me
Who is this person to be?

I lay in bed, scared
As my deepest fear threatens to become real
That it may be possible that all I am is nothing
That I am like water, changing shape with every object I am put in.

I helped others
To find their humanity
But mine is lost to the wind.
How is that possible?

Am I a mirror who shows people themselves?
Am I the people pleaser who becomes anything to please people?
Who am I? What am I?
These questions…

By Oyinkan

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