One Moment, by Oyinkan

Categories: Poetry


One moment, we are a race who sees beauty in everything
The next, we have devolved into a race that sees beauty only in the vanity of appearance

One moment, we speak philosophically
The next, we mock our own wise words

One moment, we weep over the empty voids that are supposed to be filled with emotions
The next, we celebrate the emptiness of the void

One moment, we are so willing to fall in love
The next moment, we fear to leave the safety of the loveless heart

One moment, we cling to humanity
The next, we gleefully tramp on it

The moment we once again begin to see the perfection in imperfection
The moment compassion begins to flow again in our blood

The moment the mockery stops and the loving starts
That is the moment we regain our humanity and lose the insanity

By Oyinkan

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