Is it okay to for children to make bad decisions sometimes?

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 We (parents) have the tendency to often make decisions for our children, even when they are old enough and capable to make the decisions themselves and the reason this happens is understandably because we do not want them to be vulnerable, we don’t want them to make mistakes, we all want life to be easy and smooth for our children. As much as possible, we may shield our children from external influences but the truth is that we can’t do that forever. As children get older, they have more decision making liberty and are bound to make some bad decisions, so it is realistic for parents to “expect” their children to make mistakes or bad decisions sometimes because they are human just like us and we make mistakes and make bad choices too, sometimes. If we can make bad decisions sometimes, how much more can children? Let us focus on making every situation a learning process as we consciously help our children learn to reflect and develop good judgement.


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