Must I Forgive?

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doacb_shouldiforgiveI see so many things daily and offending each other is one of them. We offend each other to the extent that for some of us, it gradually gets unbearable because different human beings have different boiling points and endurance levels.

We look at some things and to us, it seems like these offences are unforgivable. People we show so much love go behind our back and hurt us so bad that we never imagined they could even come up with such schemes. People who we practically staked our lives for turned around and decided to pay the good we’ve shown them with sheer wickedness. People who we helped in need and treated them like family turned around and treated us badly.

Sometimes we say that we’ve forgiven them, but deep inside we resent them so much. Sometimes, people even steal the dignity and pride that we cherished and wished to preserve in a flash and we are here wishing that we could get one more chance to see that person so we can drive a dagger through his heart. Well, I’m here to remind you that God says we should wait 70 x 7 times to forgive the offences of people. A person cannot even offend us that much. He never asked us to look at the magnitude of what they’ve done.

It is indeed difficult but we must forgive who ever has offended us no matter who they are or what they’ve done because God didn’t look at what we had done before sending Jesus to die for us. Have a lovely Sunday.

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