The Ministry Directorate is headed by Dcn Isidore Nwagwu. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:

Hospital Visitation Ministry
This ministry is a healing ministry involved in evangelism, prayers and visitation to the sick in hospitals. Occasionally the ministry donates things to the sick especially during festive periods.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Our objective is to carry the burden of the Man of God, and provide prayer covering for the Headquarters Church and TREM family members.

International Languages Ministry
The International Languages Ministry reaches the non-Anglophone countries by sending the Gospel to them in their own language. Members teach foreign languages in the God’s Army Bible School thereby exposing Pastors in training to these foreign languages in preparation to wherever they may be called to serve. New non-Anglophone converts are equally taught in their own language at the MIT classes.

The Ministry translates documents into foreign languages to help non Anglophones benefit from the teaching of the Bishop. Messages are interpreted in the course of services and major events in the Church for the benefit of those who can’t speak English. The Ministry in collaboration with the students of the God’s Army Bible School embarks on evangelism once a year as the case may be, to the Republic of Benin.

Vocational Ministry
The ministry activities revolve around the training of its members who in turn train members from other branches. Our training programs includes, but are not limited to the following:- 

  • Fruit drink making
  • Soap making (Liquid and Bar soap)
  • Bleach making
  •  Headgear washing
  • Yoghurt making
  • Snail breeding/Fish farming
  • Sponsorship of some members for specialized training.

The training is aimed at helping members to be self reliant.