Wrapping up 2013

Congratulations to you and i for staying on The Lord’s side irrespective of the temptations as well as challenges that came our way. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, please do not succumb to the temptation to enter a relationship just to avoid been lonely. Please, Remember to head to Church on the 31st as we cross into the new year.

Omobolanle& David Forever…A Christmas Miracle!

As Bola walked past, I suddenly called out to her. Dave was startled and repeatedly kept saying ‘Yvonne, what are you doing? Please no, Yvonne please now”. I could not keep from laughing as Bola walked up to us.

Your Will Versus God’s Will

Please, avoid the temptation to enter a relationship because you are afraid or tired of being alone and single at Christmas. It could seem a good choice right now, but Is He God’s choice for you permanently.

Respect and The Female Gender

Respect, yes women like some too. Yes! You must respect a woman… your sisters, your fiancees, your wives, your mothers.
Am not saying, bow down and worship her or allow her manipulate you to do the wrong things, No!

The Social Media Nonsense And Getting Love Right…

A stranger sends a friend request to you, you accept it, he/ she thanks you for the acceptance, you politely respond, before long, this person or persons are declaring strong attractions/ unending love for you.

Temi’s True Tale… Some Truths You Need To Know…

Honey instantly knew when he saw Temi for the first time that he wanted to defile her sexually. He thought and planned it through, before approaching her. Ladies, please remember, men are logical; they like to process and think things through first.

Leslie’s case and the need to Pray well before you say I do…

Sadly, but true, not everyone who is in Church is a true child of God. Not everyone who is very committed to Church activities and the church’s workforce, holding high positions, is a true born again Christian. There is therefore every need for all single people to watch and be very prayerful before proposing and saying I do to an intending spouse.