My Fiancee Claims She Loves Me While Seeing Others

My point is what do I do and How do I marry such a woman who before I say “Jack” she would have said “Robinson”. The things she does requires me hitting her always but I have never done that (raise my hands on her) and never will.


Dear Yvonne: I am in a relationship with a man that beats me and afterwards he starts crying and apologizing, he even goes out of his way to buy me gifts and pampers me. He says he loves me and he has been through hardships in life that is the reason he loses his temper. I really love him and genuinely feel sorry for him but I cannot take his beatings anymore. Please help me!

My Wife Smells, Help!

A smelly woman is a big turn off for me, so I try my best to avoid her and face the wall instead of her while we are in bed. This has gone on for weeks now and I fear that I am losing sexual interest in my wife, please, what should I do?

Matters Arising!

Then few years ago, I met a man who although was married, yet seemed to care for me, he helped ease the financial burden and gave me things that I only dreamed of, but sometimes, he treated me wickedly. It was not love.

This Easter! Questions and Answers

How do I break up the relationship? And how should I interact with him when we are not dating anymore? Its gonna be awkward. I just don’t know how he’s going to take it.

Amanda,Mr Perfect Versus Mr. Horrid2.

Chidi and Emeka showed up about the same time and both earnestly sought her hand in marriage. How she wished only one came, it would have made everything easier. After a while, she decided Emeka seemed ordinary, uninteresting enough whereas Chidi said the right words, did the right things and never liked to be apart from her. He was the perfect man

Celebrating Women All Over…

They have many sides to them, many are very alluring and desirable yet like all humans, they have their flaws. Someone once screamed “oh woman! Cannot live with you and cannot live without you”. I have wondered and pondered as to why that statement seems to be widely used.