Matters Arising!

Then few years ago, I met a man who although was married, yet seemed to care for me, he helped ease the financial burden and gave me things that I only dreamed of, but sometimes, he treated me wickedly. It was not love.

This Easter! Questions and Answers

How do I break up the relationship? And how should I interact with him when we are not dating anymore? Its gonna be awkward. I just don’t know how he’s going to take it.

Amanda,Mr Perfect Versus Mr. Horrid2.

Chidi and Emeka showed up about the same time and both earnestly sought her hand in marriage. How she wished only one came, it would have made everything easier. After a while, she decided Emeka seemed ordinary, uninteresting enough whereas Chidi said the right words, did the right things and never liked to be apart from her. He was the perfect man

Celebrating Women All Over…

They have many sides to them, many are very alluring and desirable yet like all humans, they have their flaws. Someone once screamed “oh woman! Cannot live with you and cannot live without you”. I have wondered and pondered as to why that statement seems to be widely used.

Mr. Perfect Versus Mr. Horrid. Part 1.

Please, just hold on a second, how long did you say you started getting close to this man… He is most probably still rehearsing the part from that great love story (Movie or book) he just saw or read.

When All Else Fails… Only God Can Keep Your Marriage.

Please readers, make no mistakes, marriage is not a bed of roses. It is a call to duty, where God is The Boss, Love is the language, your spouse is your teammate, your children are the blessings/fruits of the union and the storms are your tests and examinations. When you answer this duty call by saying ‘I DO’, you cannot afford to fail.