I Love Her But She Is Older…

My response to him: First of, there is no commandemant in the bible that says ‘Thou shalt not love or marry her if she is older than you’.

Are You Going Through Stormy Seas?

I know that sometimes the pain is so intense, it is almost mind numbing. You do not understand how God can love you so much and yet, allow so much pain your way.

Rekindling The Flame In Your Marriage

However, prevention is always better than cure. Before the love tank gets drained, plan vacations for two, dinner for two. Let her just dress up and feel pretty and without the kids, go out to a function or date nights with you.

I Love Her But She Is Insecure…

I am in a relationship/ courtship and she is insecure. Over and over again, i have tried reassuring her that she is the one i intend to build my life around and create a family with, with little success and her insecurity is almost frustrating. Please what can i do to make her trust me?

The Raw Material Versus The Ideal

My advice for single women is this: Please, a man may come to you looking downtrodden and poor. He may look like a sack of bones with his shoes facing heaven and giving God praise, this does not mean you should scorn him and reject his proposal. Remember, Bishop Mike, Big Daddy always says “Never write off anyone sitting under the word of God”.

My Fiancee Claims She Loves Me While Seeing Others

My point is what do I do and How do I marry such a woman who before I say “Jack” she would have said “Robinson”. The things she does requires me hitting her always but I have never done that (raise my hands on her) and never will.


Dear Yvonne: I am in a relationship with a man that beats me and afterwards he starts crying and apologizing, he even goes out of his way to buy me gifts and pampers me. He says he loves me and he has been through hardships in life that is the reason he loses his temper. I really love him and genuinely feel sorry for him but I cannot take his beatings anymore. Please help me!