Testimony This Christmas… Joyce’ Tale

My nieces that I carried as babies also got married and had children. My younger sister got married also. But I never felt bitter or bad. I was truly happy for them.

I Married Him, Only Because He Is From My Church…

Time went by and one day I woke up and realized I was in my thirties. By this time, everyone I knew had prayed, fasted and called me for multiple marital counsels. You know how church folks like to counsel a single lady, like there is something wrong with her for being “qualified and ready” but still single after thirty.

I Do Not Want To Be His Wife…

I like nothing about him, I see him coming from one direction, and I rush off on the opposite direction. He calls out my name, I feign like I did not hear and hurry away. Sometimes when he speaks or smiles, I feel irritated and near angry and am constantly in a hurry to dismiss him.

He Is Stingy…

Even when I ask him for the help, he makes promises and does not help, rather, he encourages me to borrow or buy on loan that he’d refund me but he never does.

This Christmas… Love Mysteries

He picked me up from work one evening and we drove to a restaurant. It was very lovely and serene there and the food was perfect. Sam pulled out a wrapped mini box and slyly asked me to open it. My heart skipped so many beats I thought it would suddenly stop.

Should I Forgive Him…? Maybe Not?

Dear Yvonne: I accidentally stumbled upon text messages on the phone of the man I love and was building my life around. I was devastated when I discovered that not only was he in a relationship with another woman, He was also fornicating with her. He apologized, begging, on his knees and seems sincere. He won’t let go, should I stay and continue walking towards our marriage or should I leave him? Please, tell me what to do. J.