Feeding Your Baby: The Beginning

In the beginning, it may appear that you are doing nothing but gradually the baby will settle into a pattern of feeding. There is definitely a great deal of bonding during breastfeeding. Relax and take each day as it comes.

Feeding Your Baby

It is never too early to start thinking about how you intend to feed your baby. Once the baby is born, there will more than enough to occupy you! Breastfeeding is best for the health of your baby but you need to feel happy and comfortable about the choice you have made.

What You Should Eat

You do not need to commit to a special diet but you need to eat the right mix of different foods in order to get the various nutrients that both you and the baby need.

Antenatal Care

Make the best of your antenatal visits. Attend regularly and ask questions about anything that you are not clear about. It is better you ask the health care professionals than depend on ideas of friends and old wives fables.

Pregnancy At A Glance Part 2

At about week 16 to 22, you will begin to feel the baby move for the first time.At first you feel a flutter or bubbling or a very slight shifting movement. Later you can’t mistake the movement and can even see the baby kicking about.

Pregnancy At A Glance Part 1

Doctors usually time pregnancy from the first day of your last monthly period and not really from conception. The entire pregnancy can be roughly divided into 3 parts referred to as ‘trimesters’. Each trimester is roughly 13 weeks in duration.