Vector Borne Diseases – LEISHMANIASIS

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease that is found in parts of the tropics, subtropics, and southern Europe. Leishmaniasis is caused by infection with Leishmania parasites, which are spread by the bite of phlebotomine sand flies.

Vector Borne Diseases: Dengue 02

There is no vaccine available against dengue, and there are no specific medications to treat a dengue infection. This makes prevention the most important step, and prevention means avoiding mosquito bites.

Vector Borne Diseases: Dengue 01

Dengue is caused by any one of four related viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. There are not yet any vaccines to prevent infection with dengue virus and the most effective protective measures are those that avoid mosquito bites.

Vector Borne Diseases 04

Different areas of the world have malaria types that are resistant to certain medication. The correct drugs for each type of malaria must be prescribed by a doctor who is familiar with malaria treatment protocols.

Vector Borne Diseases 03

Cerebral malaria (coma, or altered mental status or seizures) which can occur with severe P. falciparum infection. It is lethal if not treated quickly; even with treatment, about 15%-20% die.

Vector Borne Diseases 02

Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease common tropical and subtropical disease transmitted by the bite of a mosquito infected by the malaria parasite.