After Breast Self Examination, What Next?

Now you know how to do a breast self examination. Have you done one? Did you find anything suspicious? If you did find a suspicious lump or anything else suspicious what do you do next?

Breast Self Examination (BSE)

One of the best defences against breast cancer is early detection. To effectively reduce your risk of developing the disease, you need to routinely check your breasts for breast cancer signs and symptoms.

A Word on Male Breast Cancer

The cause of male breast cancer is not fully understood yet. Radiation exposure has been associated with an increased risk, especially where there has been radiation therapy to treat cancers in the chest area.

Maintaining Good Breast Health

No one really knows what causes breast cancer. Here we will take a look at what we call ‘breast care’ tips that you can take note of to lower your risks and reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.

What is Cancer?

There is an increase in the incidence of cancers and some of us wonder what cancers are. We will look at this and thereafter consider risk factors and other very basic information on some common cancers that we believe you should be aware of.


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