God Gave Me a Job

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Indeed, our God is faithful and though the vision may tarry, it shall surely come to pass. I finished school in 2009, and I went for National Youth Service in 2010. I was initially posted to the North but God miraculously redeployed me back to Lagos State. This is strategic as I was redeployed just before the elections and looking back at what happened before, during and after the elections, it could have been God taking me out of there and protecting me.

Anyway, I came back to Lagos and got a job through an uncle for the rest of my NYSC year. I wasn’t bothered about getting a job after NYSC, because this same uncle promised to get me a job. After NYSC, the story changed. All promises by people to get me a job fell through. I started applying for jobs, going for tests and interviews, all to no avail. I became discouraged as it was getting to two years since I finished NYSC and still no job.

October Fast 2012 came and I decided to be a part of it; to fast, pray and believe God for the impossible and His prophet (Big Daddy) when he said we would “Recover All”. Exactly a week after the end of the October Fast, I got a call from a company I did not apply to, to come for an interview. That same day I wrote a test and did the interview. God granted me favour with the interviewers and I was told I would be contacted if successful.

To God be the glory, a week after the interview, I was called to come and pick up my employment letter, that I had gotten the job in a Multinational company. I want to give all the glory, honor, thanks and adoration to God for this 11th hour miracle in 2012. It could only have been God. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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