Get Up! by Chaka

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This is not a poem.
Life is tough.
Get up.
When the enemy knocks you off your feet, get some sand in your hands and throw it in his eyes.
Then get up.
If he’s holding you down on the ground somewhere, grab him by the leg and bite him with all your strength.
Then get up.
The enemy doesn’t fight fair; well, neither do you.
Kick him in the groin.
Then get up.
You are never out of the fight, and the fight is never out of you.
Get up.

No matter the situation; negotiate.
When the landlord says he will throw your property on the street.
When he throws your property on the street.
Negotiate; with him or with someone else.
When your bills are overdue.
Negotiate and renegotiate.
You can always negotiate.
Never close your mouth in the face of adversity.
When you are going after that contract.
Negotiate, or fight.
You are never out of the fight.
You are never out of the negotiation.
Negotiate or fight.
Then get up.

Life is tough.
Refuse to give up.
When faith seems futile, refuse to give up.
When the word hasnt manifested yet; stubbornly refuse to give up.
When depression tries to become your room mate.
Refuse it.
When life is hard to live.
Refuse to die.
When adversity comes.
Refuse to be intimidated.
When you are refused.
Refuse to be refused.
Refuse, negotiate, or fight.
And then get up.

Get up!!

By Chakadizulu
May 2015

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