Financial Straight Talk For Men!

Encourage full disclosure. Once there is income that is undeclared it means trust has broken down, and more will soon breakdown. Sex and money are two things you ought to do together.

Financial Straight Talk For Women Pt2!

Don’t kill yourself if you have a husband that seems way ahead of you, in the second half of life you may have your turn, work as a unit all the way, avoiding comparison but leveraging each others strengths.

Financial Straight Talk For Women Pt1!

It doesn’t matter who has the capacity to earn more when you are truly one. If you are better at keeping account and records more than him, take the role. If he’s better, let him do it.

Converting Contacts (People Power) To Career

One of the most powerful tools that we have in the world today is networking. This tool is predicated on the fact that everything that we need or want in this life is already present in the hands of someone who is willing to part with it.

Steps To A Successful Business

You will become more successful in your business when you start distributing and networking with others. Days of solo runs are over, ensure you reach out to many.

Goals You Need To Have

How much cash asset are you reserving? How many passive income generating assets will you have? Set big goals, the more consistent you become, the more the income opportunities that will come your way.