Whatever opportunity you are looking for, prepare yourself for it! There is nothing more gratifying than being ready when the opportunity comes.

Frog Jumping Contest

It was a frog jumping competition. The winning frog was the one who was first to get to the top of a 100 floors sky scrapper. Participation was by choice. Many frogs haven watched previous competitions opted not to compete, but merely to watch. The problem was, once cross floor 20, falling was sure death!…

The Law Of The Storehouse

It doesn’t matter how small what you reserve, it matters that you consistently reserve. Here lies a key to accessing more wealth, open an escrow, start a store house, and commit to it.

The Law Of Management

This law states that if you manage whatever resources available to you well, more will be released, and if you miss manage what you have, even the left over will be taken from you.

The Law Of Generosity

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can’t hide the sun from themselves. If what you are adding is value, it may not be rewarded by your current employer or boss, but it will not go unrewarded.

Bucket Carrier or a Pipe Builder!

We are in the last month of the first quarter of 2014, have you achieved the goals you set for the quarter? Did you stretch yourself for its actualization or has all being swept under the carpet?