Strenghts of Successful People

Most common strengths of successful people: 1. Vision- The ability to see what others do not see 2. Courage- The ability to act despite fear 3. Creativity- The ability to think outside the box 4. Self-confidence- The ability to withstand criticism 5. Self-control- The ability to delay gratification Do you have any of these traits?…

Types Of Education

Financial intelligence has little or nothing to do with academic intelligence. You can be a genius when it comes to academic intelligence, but a moron when it comes to financial intelligence.

Prepare For The Season Of Our Life

A time is coming when you will not be able to do your current work…you’ll be too old and too slow. A time is coming when all the challenges you face will give way to perfect peace.

Selling 101

Over time, selling had been imagined to be an art. You either had it or didn’t. People believed that being a good sales woman or man was based on temperament. The smooth talking sanguine will do better than the melancholic melancholies, how untrue.

Think Win – Win

The difference between wishes and desires is that wishes place no responsibilities on you, they are free, and they don’t have price tags. Desires however require a price. All your aspirations are mere wishes until you are willing to look critically at the price and negotiate for it.


It’s so interesting how we long to leave the school environment, excited that the siege of exam is over. Unknown to us, life is also in layers and levels, and exams are still as necessary for progress as they were in school.