Have You Done It?

It’s still early! Have a discussion with your spouse/partner and have a deliberately productive year. Indeed, two will put 10,000 to flight.

We Forget!

We forget about the nights of toil once the morning breaks with rejoicing, we forget about the pain once the beautiful babies are born, we forget about the struggles once we cross the line and hug our trophies, we forget!

Accessing Loan!

When taking a loan, you should be smart so that you can use it to your advantages and not end up being enslaved.


The knowledge of money is much stronger and more relevant than money itself.   Seek to understand the laws governing money and diligently apply them in your life.   Meet with your financial mentor and discuss on possible ways to help you achieve financial freedom.   Share with your friends.   Charles Ezeh, BB Pin…


Every problem or obstacle around our lives is an opportunity to better and improve our lives.

Build Reserves!

Take Control of your time! I am sorry, but time is going to become the most valuable resource in your life. if you are using your time for your boss in a vision you don’t share, you are wasting it.