Financial Wisdom From The Ants

Wisdom is so crucial, so we must get it. The Bible however declares that if you are lazy and want to learn wisdom, then you must be schooled by the ants.

Secret Formula For Solving Problems

One of the most important things you will need to learn if you want to make progress in life is how to solve problems. Problems are the exams of life, no tests, no triumphs, no examinations no promotions!

I Want To Help You Succeed!

People need God! Success in the isolated examination of 1 minute relative to 1year is not success; neither can success in 90 years be relative to eternity.

How To Get Money!

There is a process to financial freedom, if you know where you are going, and can evaluate where you are, you have taken the first step towards sure success.

Doing Business in 2015

6.Have a guiding rule – Go beyond principles and values written all over the office. Have a guiding rule; ensure it’s written on the heart of your team.

Deliberate Steps in 2015

Change the world this year! Don’t belittle yourself and your efforts. Go after Goliath with your stone, expect God to use you.