Personal Financial Audit!

Have you been taking the right financial decisions? Let’s do a quick audit of things you ought to be doing. Don’t take this list for granted!

Are You Ready For Change?

I’m grateful for the people that have crossed my path, nothing is accidental. Even the unplanned by man is designed by God. Is it possible for you to move from where you are to where you desire to be? The answer is Yes!!

The Disciplines Of The Wealthy 2

Nobody was born with skills, skills are developed. What we all have at delivery are the raw materials for different skills, by learning and practicing we perfect the art.

Disciplines Of The Wealthy 1

If you see anyone complaining about their job and eager to close early, then you have seen someone who will not be wealthy. Clearly, their work is not their passion!

Don’t Say It’s Not Important!

It’s difficult to make any meaning out of journey without knowing where you currently are, spelling out where you are going, and double checking along the way.

Stop, Reverse and Maybe, Pull Over

There is a great outpouring coming upon the land. The batons are changing hands, as God executes His will in the earth. Ignorance is not an excuse! Get the facts at all costs (Prov 23:23).