The Year Has Begun

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from taking action this 2014. You are better off trying and failing than living in the shadows all your life, wondering what would have happened if you had just taken the chance.

Financial Health Checkups

Some people are financially sick while some are in financial comas and they are not even aware! You need to do a financial check up and see how you are doing. The lowest level of consciousness is unconscious incompetence!

Deliverance From Financial Demons

The weapons of our warfare are not guns or spears; they are paradigms, philosophies and perspectives. Through God, they can help us destroy the strongholds of limiting beliefs and transform the paradigms that shape our realities.

Your Job Is Not Enough

What free time do you have?Do an inventory of your last 4 weekends; if none of your activities adds value to you or your bank account, you are on a run-down! Think through this, let the desire to change, propel you to take action.

Eight Hindrances To Becoming Wealthy

What you don’t know can kill you; ignorance is darkness. A man who is ignorant of his ignorance has achieved the minimum qualification required in the college of fools. Seek financial intelligence, read books, get a coach.

Multiple Streams Of Income

It will be good to learn ahead about Multiple Income Streams, particularly as we will all stop being employees one day. If you have not developed extra sources, particularly passive ones for yourself, your later years might not be so rosy.