Wisdom For Entrepreneurs 2

Get guidance. It’s presumptuous to make a switch into business without guidance. No matter how much of a technical person you are in your field, business is a new field of it’s own.

Wisdom For Entrepreneurs 1

Go after knowledge! Empty bags don’t stand upright. Once you have decided to be an entrepreneur, you have really decided to prioritize your library over your wardrobe.

Upgrade Yourself

Sharing money equally among the citizens of a country is no cure for poverty. Every entrepreneur has once been flat out broke, so not having money doesn’t mean anything.

How badly do you want it?

Success is actually not difficult. It’s our beliefs that complicate things. Think back to a time in your life where either you or someone you know had a goal and reached it. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about: a good grade on an examination; a great date; the job we thought we wanted; the…


The things you do daily and what you do with the information available to you determines where you belong.