Don’t be a Balaam

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Don’t be a Balaam

Don’t be a Balaam, the man of God said
For Balaam spoke like the oracle of God
Every word he spoke was sure to come to pass
Yet he was far from the place of God
Indeed he was in the wrong place

Don’t be a Balaam, the man of God said
For Balaam could not resist
The treasures of the king
And went with God’s permissive will
Even though he knew God’s will

Don’t be a Balaam I also say
For Balaam knew the right thing to do
But the deceitfulness of riches denied him
The joy of total obedience to God and His word
And denied him a happy ending

Who is Balaam? You might be asking
He was a man who spoke like God’s oracle
He knew the word and mind of God
Yet he was successfully enticed by sinners
And consent, he did.

Who is Balaam? Is still the question
Not only was he enticed
He also gave counsel, to seduce the people of God
And cause God to turn His back on them
He knew their weakness and exposed their weakness

Many times we are tempted
To be like Balaam in the journeys of life
But we must be resolute, come what may
To remain God’s mouthpiece and also
Be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

Oluwayomi Uteh, Jan 24, 2013

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