Discharged, Acquitted, No Appeal!

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Suddenly on the 26th of January, year of Overcomers 2013, I discovered that my salary was not paid alongside other staff. Upon inquiry, I found out from the HR department of my company that my bosses had placed me on suspension without informing me. No reason was given for this action. I was sad and  totally discouraged having worked so hard with total commitment in 2012. As a matter of fact, I was expecting promotion.

When this came to the notice of Big Mummy Bishop Peace Okonkwo, she instructed the Pastors to pray for me in her absence. On her return, she prayed earnestly for me during February edition of the IWPC (Prayer School) and thereafter continually assured me that God had taken over my case and will surely deliver me.

During the April edition of the IWPC, quoting from Luke 5:5, Big Mummy ministered on the topic “It is never too late”. She told the women that their story will change as God is committed to ensuring that we will enter our destiny. She encouraged all in attendance not to give up until the victory is won, no matter how long the enemy rages. My faith was greatly strengthened.

Big Daddy Bishop Mike Okonkwo on one Sunday service ministered on “Encourage yourself in The Lord”. My joy was restored after that message and that night, God revealed to me in a dream that I had been set free. I settled it in my heart that God would vindicate me, no matter what; and that the devil will not steal my joy as related by the Presiding Bishop at the beginning of the year.

By divine arrangement, Big Daddy prayed for me two days before we appeared before the disciplinary committee of my company. Every declaration Big Daddy made during that prayer was made manifest at the panel. My group head who had placed me on suspension totally changed his stance; he spoke in my favour and even answered questions directed at me. He behaved very differently in accordance with Big Daddy’s declaration that grace and my detractors will speak in my favour.

God did terrible things in righteousness, such as have never been heard of in my company. God disgraced my direct boss who was the architect of the whole trouble. Her entire house, roof to bottom got burnt and she left the country in trauma. Once this happened, my colleague who committed the offence admitted all his errors while I was on vacation without my consent or knowledge.

Decision of a “verbal caution” was communicated to me and all my benefits were paid up; nothing broken, nothing missing. Again, by the Grace of God, I was able to birth two new businesses within the months of “no salary”. I sincerely thank God, Big Daddy, and Big Mummy for their love, support and prayers which kept me during this period. I also thank my Director, Rev. Yomi Uteh who never left me. May God reward them abundantly.

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