I feel like a stranger…

In case you’re wondering who I mean or who I’m referring to, I mean my parents. Don’t get it wrong just yet, I love them very much but the weather changes are just too much to cope with.

I tried so hard!

I tried so hard. I read till I was tired and I couldn’t sleep knowing that I might fail.I sat all day memorising all I could. I tried to have all the the notes at my fingertips but guess what…I failed.

Do My Parents Hate Me?

They make me hate them so much. They feel I’m just 18 so to them I’m just a young blockhead. They hurt me every time and get away with it and even when I tell me my friends and adults, what do they say? ‘They’re your parents’.*sigh*

Is He Worth It?

James. My sunshine as I used to call him. He intrigued me and fascinated me so much that I felt so in love. He was the most intelligent and brainy boy in class. As if that was not enough, he was so handsome and cute!

Did I please Him?

I woke up on a Sunday after a wonderful Saturday shopping spree, excited about launching my new wardrobe. I woke up on the right side of my bed about to jump into the bathroom. I quickly grabbed a towel thinking of what to wear. After extensive thought, I decided to wear my black sequin embroidered…