Am I Safe?

You may wonder why I’d think of this considering my age but like my dad will say to me, “No one is too young to die”. In this country that I live in, I’ve seen people shot before my very eyes…

When Will It End?

Sometimes I ask myself, when will it end? The troubles I face, the pain I feel, the stress I thoroughly face. When? I hate to wake up in the morning needing something only to put my hand in my pocket and find no money in it.

Can I Win?

For weeks I had waited for the day to contest at the Nokia Don’t Break the Beat competition finals. I knew nothing about rap battles but here I was willing to try. There were people who had done this over and over but I decided that I was‎ going to win no matter what happens.

Can’t I Do It On My Own?

I am 18, which according to the law makes me an adult. I understand that my parents love me but sometimes I feel like they go over the bar. Something I should do, they always want to oversee it. I’m no longer a baby.

Am I Good Enough?

Sometimes I wonder, am I not good enough? You’d wonder why I’d ask such a question. Well, its because sometimes I feel like a dullard. I’d read so hard and do my best but I’d wouldn’t pass and someone who did little or nothing will pass.