Is The Heaven Open?

Sometimes I get frustrated and broke. Sometimes I get sad and depressed. Sometimes I feel like it’s over. Sometimes there’s no strength to move on and I just want to give up and walk away until I heard my Godfather say there is an open heaven.

Are You a Champion

In my life, I’ve seen hell. I’ve been abused and treated unjustly. I’ve cried tears that no one could see. I’ve had so many sleepless nights that people never knew about because I saw trying times that I could not pull through without the help of God. Considering the mind frame I used to have,…

Can I Still Stand?

I’ve done so much wrong, made so many mistakes that I can’t even admit but I am determined to change. Sometimes I feel I don’t even deserve God’s mercy.

Can I Make It Right?

It feels like a heart attack. Working so hard and nothing seems to come out of it. Sometimes you put in your best and all you have just to make it work but at the end you look foolish in the eyes of everyone.

Is His Mercy Enough For Me?

I’m a human, a girl, a Christian. Born out of sin but saved by Jesus Christ. Sin shall be committed and mistakes made. Actions you never thought of, words you never thought you’d say, and thoughts you never thought would come to mind that put you in trouble with the devil. You ask yourself, Is His Mercy Enough for Me?