Silent Tribulations…

Well, sometimes in life, you go through some things that people don’t see and its pretty worse when you’re the only one who sees it and when you try to tell them, they think you are crazy but if you are in this case just like me, always remember that God is watching and revenge is the Lord’s.

Will I Get That Job?

Sometimes you go through so much stress that you think you just can’t do it anymore. You go through so much hassle to get through ‎and there’s something that the devil is using to get in the way.

Should I Get Angry?

Sometimes you feel stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. The worst is when you have to please two separate parties and if you take an action, its in favour of the first party and going against the second party and vice versa, you get confused and you’re wondering how you’d cope with having to satisfy both.

Must I Forgive?

I see so many things daily and offending each other is one of them. We offend each other to the extent that for some of us, it gradually gets unbearable because different human beings have different boiling points and endurance levels.

Why Should I Give Thanks?

I’ve suffered and hardly got anything I wanted. I’ve been through trials and tribulations.I have seen so much terror and had nightmares that shook me terribly.