Tanks and Pranks by Chaka

The T-55 Tank classified as a ‘main battle tank’ is the most-produced tank in history with production numbers estimated at close to 100,000. It weighs 36 Tons (36,000 kg) and is 6.45m in length and 3.37m wide. The tank also has a nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) protection system which makes it a really mean…

Africa and Intellectual Property Rights by Jesse Adeniji

One thing Nigerians and Africans will benefit from immediately is the simple matter of Intellectual Property Rights. Even if you’re a very established business/brand/individual in today’s Nigeria, you only leave the issues of business ideas in the hands of ‘God’ for safeguard.

Cancer, Innovation and a Boy Named Jack

I’d like you to meet Jack Andraka. It’s a name you will be hearing a lot about–today, tomorrow and in the future. Jack is a scientist and innovator. And his work on creating a simple test for the identification of pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancer is simply amazing.