Can you give what you don’t have?

Categories: Parenting

We live in a digital world and this has brought so much efficiency to the way we do things; One can sit in the comfort of one’s home and transact multi million level businesses and connect with people all around the world at the click of buttons. It is amazing, what we can achieve with technology. However, when you have the most efficient and versatile equipment and do not know the appropriate use of it, abuse is inevitable. How are your children using the gift of technology? It is true that the children we are parenting today are digital natives, they definitely understand technology better than we do but they still need our guidance, they need to be taught the appropriate use of it, to understand the possible implications of their actions on social media and boundaries.

The question is, are you able to provide this guidance? Can you give what you don’t have? What will it take for you to be able to position yourself to be relevant in this regard? Food for thought.

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