The Birthday Gift by Chidera Jonathan

Categories: Poetry


I dreamt I was invited to heaven for the birthday party of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I thought of all the kinds of gifts I could buy for my Lord.

The more shops I visited, the more confused I became.

I thought of buying him a pair of shoes, but what kind of shoes will I buy for him who uses the earth as his footstool?

I thought of buying him a three piece suit, but what kind of three piece suit will I buy for him whose robe train fills the temple?

I thought of baking him a nice cake; what kind of cake will I bake for him who fed the Israelites in the wilderness with manna from heaven?

I thought of buying him a bottle of nice wine, but tell me, what kind of wine will I buy for him who turned water into wine?

I thought of buying him a telephone; what kind of telephone will I buy for him who listens to everyone even at the same time?

I thought of buying him an aeroplane; what kind of aeroplane will I buy for the one who is omnipresent – he is everywhere at the same time?

I thought of building him a very big house, but what kind of house will I build for him that already said to us: ‘In my Father’s house there are many mansions, I will go there and prepare a place for you’?

I thought of giving him money, but how much will I give to him who said ‘silver and gold I have, in blessing I will bless you, I will give you everything?

I thought of organising a group of orchestras to sing for him, but what kind of group will be able to sing for him who already has the heavenly host of Angels that sing for him.

I finally thought and realized that the only gift I can give to my Lord, is my PRAISE.

Chidera Jonathan, 12 years old contributed this poem from TREM Clapton, United Kingdom.

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