Another Chance to Live Again

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Halleluyah!!! February 10th, exactly one year ago, the devil had wanted to take my life but the God of all grace had mercy on me. It all started when I was still in the office, I fainted, and was carried home to our family doctor. When I was to be put on drip, it was discovered that I had no blood in my system. Our family doctor asked my people to take me to the Hospital, as it was an emergency.

I was rushed to the hospital that same night and the doctor in-charge came into the Emergency Ward where they kept me and told my people to deposit a certain amount of money before they will commence treatment. He said if we didn’t, they would refer me to the General Hospital any moment from that time and that I was probably going to die. Somehow I woke up and told the doctor I will not die but live in Jesus name.

I called my sister to get me my phone while I was lying down on the bed; the amount mentioned by the doctor, we did not have it. I had to call my MD that night. It was Kingdom Night at the Headquarters Church. My MD asked me to give the phone to the doctor to talk with him, but the doctor refused to start treatment, even after speaking with my MD; he just left me there. My MD called back and told my sister he was on his way to the hospital from the church. It was after he had deposited the money at the hospital that the doctor commenced treatment. My MD stays at Alagbole, while I was admitted at Gbagada. If not that he was at the Kingdom Night, who knows what could have happened.

When I left the Emergency Ward to the room where I was admitted, I was given two pints of blood because there was no blood again in my body. Later on, I suddenly realized that the amount of money deposited by my MD was the exact amount I had given earlier that year as first fruit. I had started giving my January salary as a first fruit. I thank Almighty God for giving me another chance to live again. This year I have also given my first fruit without compromising. To God be the glory.

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