The Admin Directorate is headed by Deacon Demola Agboola. This Directorate oversees the activities of the following Ministries:

Database Ministry
The Database Ministry is in charge of creating, maintaining and updating the database of the church, which includes records of church membership data, attendance, ministry arms, visitors and important events of the church.

Dunamis Publications
Dunamis Publications is charged with the responsibility for all church publications. These include  the Power In The Word Magazine (Quarterly), the TREM Newsletter (Bi-monthly), Tracts, Stickers, Conference Brochures, Books and Pamphlets. Dunamis Publications is subdivided into subgroups which include Editorial, Production, Sales, Adverts, Welfare, and Accounts. Others are Secretariat, Dunamis Photo Foundation, and The Bureau. All members function in capacities other than their core subgroup like participating in sales when the need arises, and acting as branch correspondents under the Bureau. Similarly every member is given the opportunity to write for the publication.

Environmental Ministry
The Environmental Ministry is in charge of keeping the Church and the surroundings clean.

Transport and Logistics
The Bus & Transport Logistics Ministry is the arm of the church that provides transportation and logistics for both members and staff of the church. They also oversee the maintenance of the church’s fleet of vehicles, and make recommendation(s) for replacement and sale of old vehicles. They also provide transport for the Monday Ministries-in-Training classes.

Web Team
The Web Team creates and maintains websites of the church (TREM), and provide associated online services such as live streaming of events.

Sanitation Ministry
The Sanitation Ministry maintains the church’s restrooms.